5 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home

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You're ready to declutter ...BUT somehow one question trips many of us up ... Where in the world do I begin?

You’re not alone. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious when you look around your home is normal. Years of collections and memories make the task of decluttering their homes daunting. The decluttering journey doesn’t need to be painful and crippling. In fact, there are simple exercises that make decluttering easy.

Here are my five favorites:

1. Every day gives away one item. Simply reduce your stuff one day at a time.

2. Fill one trash bag. Take a large trash bag and see how quickly you can fill it with the things you no longer want. If you’re feeling ambitious, take two trash bags and make one for trash and one for Goodwill.

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Project MEND - A Special Place for Used Medical Equipment

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NEXMOV is proud to partner with this wonderful organization. We go to great lengths to share Project MEND’s mission as it helps so many in need. Last month, one of our clients donated an “almost” new Jazzy motorized chair to Project MEND. Victor Castillo, Project MEND’s Warehouse Manager, and Biomedical Equipment Technician said “The family was in tears when they first saw the chair they were presented. It is these moments that makes our jobs so rewarding.”

I personally had the pleasure of touring Project MEND’s warehouse and workshop a few weeks ago. You quickly see and feel the dedication and love this organization has and offers to so many in need. Cathy Valdez, Project MEND’s Executive Director, said Project MEND was celebrating 20 years of services to low-income people with disabilities of all ages; for the last five years, this has also included Veterans, their surviving spouses, and dependents.

While walking through their warehouse, I saw neatly organized aisles stacked high with electric hospital beds, wheelchairs, power chairs, bedside commodes, walkers, crutches, canes and adult diapers. In an area off to the side, there was only one worker and he was very busy with the repair of a wheelchair. There were at least a hundred pieces of equipment waiting to be examined, sanitized and repaired. With their small staff, it was explained to me, Project MEND relies on volunteers to help them keep up with the workload and they are in desperate need of more assistance.

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Makes “Letting Go” A Littler Easier

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re•pur•pose (r -pûr p s) – To use or convert for use in another format or product.

Finding unique places for cherished treasures is an important key to reducing the stress of downsizing. We eliminate fears of cherished items being thoughtlessly discarded by finding unique places to which to donate them. In the case of a home that has a seamstress, or someone that loves crafting, one may find anything from a small box or to entire rooms filled with fabric, sewing notions, yarn and/or other miscellaneous sewing and craft items. We noticed that Judy, one of our team, was consistently purchasing these items out of her own pocket at our estate sales. She would swear us to silence and downplay the purchases. We all wondered what she did with so much sewing stuff as she had never even spoken of liking to sew. Only After inquiring of her one day what she did with her purchases, she told us about a wonderful organization called Good Samaritan Oncology Support Group. This group is comprised of women from teens to in their 90’s, that meet weekly to make beautiful handmade quilts for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. They personally deliver the quilts to local oncology offices and offer them to patients. Over 1,200 quilts have been made and donated since 2003.

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